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9.81Workshop between the Regulator and Industry on the EOI on API Full Assessment PilotV128-Sep-201635 KB
9.82Rescheduling of AcetylcysteineV1.111-Oct-201637 KB
9.85Clarification of process to obtain licence to grow cannabis for use as a medicineV103-Mar-2017176 KB
9.86Post-marketing reporting of ADRsV114-Mar-201734 KB
9.87Complementary Medicines Licence Application to Manuacture and/or WholesaleV130-Mar-201748 KB
9.89MCC to appoint technical evaluators for Complementary MedicinesV230-Jun-201746 KB
9.91Workshop on clinical trials related mattersV121-Apr-201751 KB
9.93Regulatory status of cetylpyridinium chloride containing productsV128-May-2017207 KB
9.94Postponement of Post-Importation Testing WorkshopV226-Jun-201734 KB
9.95Medical Device WorkshopV109-Jun-201758 KB
amrc finalTechnical report amrcV102-Jul-2015469 KB
ICH01ICH Press Release Osaka Japan 9-10 November 2016V126-Nov-2016124 KB
ITG01ITG minutes of meeting Nov 2014V117-Nov-201441 KB
ITG02 ITG minutes of meeting March 2015V104-Aug-201541 KB
ITG03ITG minutes of meeting June 2015V119-Aug-201549 KB
ITG16_01ITG Meeting Minutes 08 March 2016V104-Jul-201692 KB
PICs2015PICs press releaseV101-Jun-20153 MB